I would, in fact, eat Green Eggs and Ham






  1. Ian, Lisa and I were born in hospitals. The other 2 sibs were born at home.
  2. We moved to California because our cabin burned down while we were spending the summer in Mt. Shasta.
  3. There are very few baby pics of Chad and me, because most of them burned in the fire.
  4. I feel like I came into the world while Chad and I were running out of the house, in Lompoc, with the subject of “bath time” hovering in the air. I don’t know if we were prepped for the bath, but I just remember looking down at little bare toes. Something important was happening: I was beginning to remember. And I didn’t have the words at my disposal to describe it to my parents. I just had “dark before, not dark now”.
  5. I have an obnoxiously good memory, for some things. Not for everything.
  6. I met my sister Lisa when I was three. She was 9, and Chad was 4. I don’t remember the act of meeting her, but her face was etched into my memory and I recognized her on our second visit.
  7. I guess the first couple of homes I lived in had outhouses instead of a bathroom.
  8. I still get excited when I hear the sound of a tent being unzipped. It’s the sound of waking up outdoors, and it’s the sound of the beginning of a great day.
  9. I space out like nobody’s business. Like I’m in a trance. It has taken most of my life to figure out how to try to work with this, since it is both a handicap and an aid to my creative endeavors.
  10. I met Brad when I was five, and we are still friends to this day. We talk or text at least a couple times a month.
  11. Ian came into our lives when I was five, and I started loving him on the way to the hospital to meet him.
  12. We used to pick up hitchhikers all the time when I was a kid. Dad always addressed them as, “Brother”, and, when I was really young, I used to think it really was his brother, because I mean, we were pulling over for him and letting him into our car with us.
  13. We camped a LOT when I was a kid. It was more than just camping; it was our way of life.
  14. I have a very vivid memory of riding in a VW van and watching mom and dad switch seats without pulling over.
  15. We moved into our permanent home in 1977, and mom and dad still live there.
  16. I stuck my foot into a shoe with a baby scorpion in it when I was around 7, and laced my shoes up before the pain kicked in.
  17. I learned to read when I was five, and as I recall, it was inspired by Lisa changing the words while reading to me, to mess with me (she would just throw my name into stories).
  18. Asia was born at home when I was 8, and I helped with the birth. I knew she was a girl before she was born, and I finally got a little sister that I could mess with too.
  19. She puked on my face once while I was lying in a hammock. She was just a baby. But I guess the messin goes both ways.
  20. When I was 7, I met Angela. We are still friends and talk all the time.
  21. We lived in Oregon for five months while I was 9. I picked blackberries and had mosquito bites and poison oak all summer long.
  22. My other summers as a kid were excruciatingly hot.
  23. My dad used to tell us that the stickers on the bananas were for putting on your forehead. I stopped doing that about five years ago.
  24. There were a lot of chuckawallas in the desert around our house when I was a kid, and they scared the shit out of me. Even lizards in cages scared me, if they were big enough. Because I was little, and they were like dinosaurs to me.
  25. My hips used to get red and irritated all the time from carrying Asia while wearing corduroys. It was worth it.
  26. I was home-schooled for most of 4th grade and all of 5th.
  27. My favorite memory of my dog, Katy, was when she peed on me when she met a horse for the first time.
  28. It was very hard to get used to public school when I went back. But I did adjust.
  29. I used to check the bathtub every single morning, because of that scene in “The Shining”. My day couldn’t start until I knew for sure that there wasn’t a dead body in our tub. And I was fourteen.
  30. I met Steph Fowler in Jr. High school. We worked together for two summers at the Kid’s Club in Joshua Tree. We are still friends to this day and we get together twice a week for exercise.
  31. We bonded over our common interest in art.
  32. In the summer of 88 I flew off of the handlebars of my friend Shawn’s bicycle and acquired several permanent scars. I was in crutches for a month, and Shawn and I dated for 3 ½ years.
  33. Shawn was the most fun person I have ever known. And I have known a lot of fun people.
  34. I fell off of a horse once because I fell asleep while riding bareback.
  35. I moved into the basement of my sister Lisa’s house in January of 1992 and lived there for 5 months. This was the first of 24 moves in the last fifteen years.
  36. I was told I wouldn’t like living in Orange County and L.A., “The City”, because of traffic. Driving on freeways was the first thing I fell in love with.
  37. I could tell my niece was an old soul, even when she was an infant.
  38. I took up rock climbing for a while when I was 22. That hobby didn’t stick.
  39. I wrecked my car in Sausalito when I was 21. I still don’t trust my depth perception. It’s probably fine, but I don’t trust it.
  40. I can put my leg behind my head. But don’t ask me to.
  41. I love taking off from John Wayne airport, because it has one of the steepest take-offs of any airport.
  42. I love driving behind LAX, because the airplanes fly over me so low.
  43. I met Chrystine, Sandra, and Janae all about ten years ago. I can talk to them about anything. Even if I don’t know what I’m talking about, they do.
  44. I would in fact eat green eggs and ham. I wouldn’t need any further coercing. Just give it here.
  45. I fell in love with painting in pre-school, when I was fingerpainting and crying at the same time and it made me feel better.
  46. If it weren’t for Dr. Pepper, I’d never drink soda. But I love that stuff.
  47. Sometimes I wish I was gay, and it’s not because I’m sick of men. It’s because if you’re gay, you are kindof guaranteed to not have an ordinary life. Plus, I mean, boobs are fun for everybody.
  48. For a while, when I was living in Santa Barbara, I had no driver’s license, no registration, and no insurance. I got so stressed every time I saw a CHP, I finally started riding my bike everywhere.
  49. I highly recommend the bike trails in Santa Barbara. There’s a ton of them, and they’re beautiful.
  50. Sometimes I start dancing and singing when I’m alone in elevators. Okay, I do that everywhere.

My special purpose! My special purpose!




So here’s what I’ve been up to lately, in no particular order:

I went snowboarding with my friend Tong. It was a great day for it, because we went on a weekday.

Turned 35. It was traumatizing. Not ‘getting older’, but all the celebrating. It went on for over two weeks. I’m starting to wish my birthday was on leap year. Not really, but I aged a year during those two weeks. I have some great photos from that.

Ryan and Mayra both moved out, as their rent was too high for the area. I wished they didn’t have to go, as I was just beginning to really enjoy our little model U.N. But I have two new roommates now: Cris and Ingrid. Cris is sooo fun. Ingrid is very sweet and quiet. We will have to get to know her slowly. We now have four cats, between Brian, Cris and myself. Luckily Ingrid grew up on a farm and loves cats.

I went to Death Valley with three other friends from work. It was a photo trip, but we did some great camping too and had really good food. I took some nice long hikes, and saw some of the most interesting geology EVER. Of course I have photos from that. We are planning a trip to Yosemite next month.

I spent last weekend in Laguna with all 4 of my siblings plus my niece, and Lisa’s boyfriend, Cooper. He’s a great cook and I’m hoping he opens a Bed&Breakfast someday.

Steph Fowler and I are doing a booth at a bridal expo in May. The website for our photography business will be up next week. Rosewaterstudio.com.

I’m experiencing the magical trauma of watching “Band Of Brothers” on DVD. I go to bed depressed now, and then get more depressed from watching it. I found some porn in the case, though. I’m serious. I thought Lou was kidding about that.

I’ve gotten even more into Yoga than before. There’s this whole meditative aspect of it that is so gratifying.

I ran into a guy at a small BBQ in Buena Park, at a friend’s house, that used to live with Shawn Ferris. What are the odds?

Janae, Chrystine and I did tea together, and talked girl talk. I’m so glad we can get together and do that at least a couple times a year. You’ll be interested to know that we didn’t do any man bashing. We like men.


And here’s what’s on my mind lately:

If you like in a large European country, near the border of another large European country, what’s that like? Is it like living in both of those countries? Because it’s not like that here, but our neighboring country is a third world country.

Wow man, my Grandpa was in WWII.

Why don’t I just cook every night? I mean, it makes me so happy.

What’s it going to be like when Sammie’s in college?

Iron Maiden. Why do I suddenly like them, after so many years of indifference?

How are things going with Planned Parenthood, since so much funding is being cut?


Anyway, I’m going to Joshua Tree for the weekend to visit Angela and her family, and Brad. I love springtime in the desert.