My special purpose! My special purpose!




So here’s what I’ve been up to lately, in no particular order:

I went snowboarding with my friend Tong. It was a great day for it, because we went on a weekday.

Turned 35. It was traumatizing. Not ‘getting older’, but all the celebrating. It went on for over two weeks. I’m starting to wish my birthday was on leap year. Not really, but I aged a year during those two weeks. I have some great photos from that.

Ryan and Mayra both moved out, as their rent was too high for the area. I wished they didn’t have to go, as I was just beginning to really enjoy our little model U.N. But I have two new roommates now: Cris and Ingrid. Cris is sooo fun. Ingrid is very sweet and quiet. We will have to get to know her slowly. We now have four cats, between Brian, Cris and myself. Luckily Ingrid grew up on a farm and loves cats.

I went to Death Valley with three other friends from work. It was a photo trip, but we did some great camping too and had really good food. I took some nice long hikes, and saw some of the most interesting geology EVER. Of course I have photos from that. We are planning a trip to Yosemite next month.

I spent last weekend in Laguna with all 4 of my siblings plus my niece, and Lisa’s boyfriend, Cooper. He’s a great cook and I’m hoping he opens a Bed&Breakfast someday.

Steph Fowler and I are doing a booth at a bridal expo in May. The website for our photography business will be up next week.

I’m experiencing the magical trauma of watching “Band Of Brothers” on DVD. I go to bed depressed now, and then get more depressed from watching it. I found some porn in the case, though. I’m serious. I thought Lou was kidding about that.

I’ve gotten even more into Yoga than before. There’s this whole meditative aspect of it that is so gratifying.

I ran into a guy at a small BBQ in Buena Park, at a friend’s house, that used to live with Shawn Ferris. What are the odds?

Janae, Chrystine and I did tea together, and talked girl talk. I’m so glad we can get together and do that at least a couple times a year. You’ll be interested to know that we didn’t do any man bashing. We like men.


And here’s what’s on my mind lately:

If you like in a large European country, near the border of another large European country, what’s that like? Is it like living in both of those countries? Because it’s not like that here, but our neighboring country is a third world country.

Wow man, my Grandpa was in WWII.

Why don’t I just cook every night? I mean, it makes me so happy.

What’s it going to be like when Sammie’s in college?

Iron Maiden. Why do I suddenly like them, after so many years of indifference?

How are things going with Planned Parenthood, since so much funding is being cut?


Anyway, I’m going to Joshua Tree for the weekend to visit Angela and her family, and Brad. I love springtime in the desert.


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