not that I haven’t booked up every weekend for the next two months…

I love how it feels when it’s just barely warm enough to lay outside of the covers! That’s why spring is so appealing. And you can tuck your toes in, just a little, if they’re cold. I know everyone loves spring and it’s nothing new, but I LOVE spring. I used to think I was photosensitive and therefore spring brought on a lift from the winter gloom, but it turns out I’m everything-sensitive. And I especially love being hot and cold at the same time. If you’ve never sat in a natural hot spring in a freezing river while hot water bubbles up around you, you are missing out. Especially the one up by Mammoth. It’s beautiful, perfect temp, and, bonus, there are ill-tempered minnows in the water that bite you. They’re tiny and have no teeth, so you just get to feel their tiny angry wrath while you soak. It freaks Asia out, but I think it’s cute.

Anyway as you might notice, I’m aching for a road trip.


when you drink enough coffee, everything looks like a good idea

So after living here for well over a year, I am finally, finally doing my room. I think that’s because I’m still sad about having to give up my cute little apartment in Laguna Beach. I still miss that tiny, cute little place with its sunny kitchen and big fat closet. I used to make pie, just so I could have a pie cooling in the window sill.

Anyway, here I am in L.A. The house is a good size and like I said before, I like my roommates. SO… in an effort to make a tranquil and customized space for myself in this world, I emptied my room and painted over the god-awful terrifying color scheme that was there. It was a much bigger project than I’d thought. But the room was hot pink, yellow, turquoise, and periwinkle blue. I’m not kidding. I painted it flat white, and it’s currently empty. I love an empty room, almost as much as I love an empty apartment. I wish I could keep it that way. Just a candle, a futon, and large photographs on the walls. I realized today as I was looking around that if all of my stuff was destroyed in a fire, a large part of me would be really happy. So maybe that means I should get rid of most of my stuff. Please. I am so all talk. If anybody wants to come burn it up though, be my guest. Dude I have a tanning bed. I seriously can’t get rid of anything. IT’S LAME!

Oh, and in other news, remember all that griping about Starbucks discontinuing their Mocha Valencia? Yeah, they now offer Orange Mocha. All those late nights crying sessions, for nothing. The sun is back out. Bookend that with a couple of Red Bulls and I’m good to go.



Oh I got some crazy catching up to do.

First, all about Yosemite:
We had a good weekend up in Ansel Adams country. There were five of us, all co-workers: four girls and one boy with krazy camping skills. Our intention was to take some pics, but mainly camp and relax. And we did just that. We got into the valley while it was still dark, and watched the sun come up over Half-Dome, at least I think it was Half-Dome, while we drank coffee that we brewed right there. I didn't even bother to take pics, because I just wanted to bask in something so beautiful. I did, though, take a pee while dangerously close to the top of a cliff. I didn't know it until I was pulling up my pants, and I looked over at a river about a hundred feet below me.

It rained that day, but not before we did a full morning of hiking around and playing. We took pics, hiked, drank, and built a cute little boy scout tarp so that we could still build a fire. It was wonderful. The drinking began at around 1 pm, and went on into the night. The rain began at about 12 noon. In all of the photos, we have rain jackets on and we're quite wet anyway, but happy because we went to Bevmo before our camping trip, and we also remembered shot glasses so we could do Jaeger bombs. If you're under 18 and you're reading this, then by drinking I mean apple juice. And by Jaeger bombs I mean Jaeger brand apple-cider bombs. And if I catch you drinking I'm going to point my finger at you and say things with furrowed eyebrows. Don't drink and drive. Drink in bear country instead. Apple cider. And clean up afterwards.

Here is what else I've been up to:


I saw some great performance art in the one woman show of Adria Dawn, "The Adria Dawn Experience". Soo good. It was in Hollywood. I can't believe how much someone can bring to a performance. She carried the whole show for an hour, and never had any dead time. She was fully entertaining the whole show. And she's so little!!

I saw the Ansel Adams exhibit in Santa Ana. Love it. And great way to preceed a trip to Yosemite.

I got cranky for about two weeks. Not a little cranky. A lot cranky. The crankiness finally went away and I drifted into a new level of spaciness that I rarely attain anymore, given my coffee addiction.

I started yet another movie about WW2, and Cris bought me a big coffee table book about WW2.

I drove up to Hollywood the other night and took the 110, a drive that gives you a full view of the fires, and it felt like everyone in L.A. had just stopped to stare in awe at such a huge fire. It's fucking huge.

My niece got accepted at SFU and got a full scholarship. OMG! I'm so glad she gets to have the full college experience.

My family and I went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park and got to watch flamingoes be born.

I got yelled at in Hollywood because I stopped walking when a man was walking next to me on a fairly dark sidewalk. He said I was a racist for doing that. It was too dark for me to see what his ethnicity was, so I pointed out that he was only saying that to me because I am white. Damn racist. I did my best valley girl impression while I said this, which probably only added fuel to the fire. I am really, really trying hard to shake the valley girl accent, but I like adding fuel to fires.

I learned to make Lattes, finally. My roommate and I now start off every day with foamy lattes that have smiley faces drawn on the top of them with espresso.

And here's what's on my mind lately:

NOTHING. I'm blonde, what's your excuse?