when you drink enough coffee, everything looks like a good idea

So after living here for well over a year, I am finally, finally doing my room. I think that’s because I’m still sad about having to give up my cute little apartment in Laguna Beach. I still miss that tiny, cute little place with its sunny kitchen and big fat closet. I used to make pie, just so I could have a pie cooling in the window sill.

Anyway, here I am in L.A. The house is a good size and like I said before, I like my roommates. SO… in an effort to make a tranquil and customized space for myself in this world, I emptied my room and painted over the god-awful terrifying color scheme that was there. It was a much bigger project than I’d thought. But the room was hot pink, yellow, turquoise, and periwinkle blue. I’m not kidding. I painted it flat white, and it’s currently empty. I love an empty room, almost as much as I love an empty apartment. I wish I could keep it that way. Just a candle, a futon, and large photographs on the walls. I realized today as I was looking around that if all of my stuff was destroyed in a fire, a large part of me would be really happy. So maybe that means I should get rid of most of my stuff. Please. I am so all talk. If anybody wants to come burn it up though, be my guest. Dude I have a tanning bed. I seriously can’t get rid of anything. IT’S LAME!

Oh, and in other news, remember all that griping about Starbucks discontinuing their Mocha Valencia? Yeah, they now offer Orange Mocha. All those late nights crying sessions, for nothing. The sun is back out. Bookend that with a couple of Red Bulls and I’m good to go.


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