not that I haven’t booked up every weekend for the next two months…

I love how it feels when it’s just barely warm enough to lay outside of the covers! That’s why spring is so appealing. And you can tuck your toes in, just a little, if they’re cold. I know everyone loves spring and it’s nothing new, but I LOVE spring. I used to think I was photosensitive and therefore spring brought on a lift from the winter gloom, but it turns out I’m everything-sensitive. And I especially love being hot and cold at the same time. If you’ve never sat in a natural hot spring in a freezing river while hot water bubbles up around you, you are missing out. Especially the one up by Mammoth. It’s beautiful, perfect temp, and, bonus, there are ill-tempered minnows in the water that bite you. They’re tiny and have no teeth, so you just get to feel their tiny angry wrath while you soak. It freaks Asia out, but I think it’s cute.

Anyway as you might notice, I’m aching for a road trip.


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