Wet Monday

I took my first Bikram Yoga class ever today. I did the routine once with Damian and Maya, but this was the real thing with the heated room and the merciless instructor. I searched for a long time to find a good studio, too. This place is cute and perfect, with instructors that are in perfect shape that make me want to be them. It was a surprisingly aquatic experience, and all of the water came from my own pores. I was more wet than I even thought anybody could get from sweating. My towel felt like it weighed five pounds, just from being wet. The temp of the room heated up my water bottle until it contained only hot water, and that was all I had to drink. My clothing was so wet that I had to change out of it in the car and into a bikini top and jeans, so I could stop by the store on the way home without being little miss wet T-shirt. Instead, I was little miss hoodie zipped up to her chin, walking slow, with soaking wet hair and a traumatized look on her face. I felt more like I had just been through something clinical, instead of a workout. Fun part: doing the superman pose on the floor.

I will not go again without wearing something close to a bathing suit. And is it cheating to bring a cooler for my water bottle?


One thought on “Wet Monday

  1. darlene says:

    Did you know that Gabe is taking the teacher training to teach Bikram? His plan is to take it in Sept. in HAWAII!! It’s a three-month intensive. Very demanding. Gabe’s excited!

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