Joshua Tree

I finally saw a Bighorn Sheep in the Joshua Tree Nat’l Park!!

I’ve only been looking since I was a small kid. I’ve only been there a couple of hundred times, and always looking and looking while I was there. I’ve even backpacked in Bighorn Sheep territory, seeing only the evidence and footprints, not the real thing. I’ve combed and combed, so many times, for this elusive creature. All I ever get is stories. But I finally got to see a pair of them. Two big beautiful males.

On Sunday evening, at sundown, we were in an area that they are known for being seen in, not that that’s ever helped me, and my dad and I were scanning the horizon lines of the rocks around us, and that was when we spotted one. He was running down the rocks like a horse, and you could hear his thudding. He was beautiful, with this unbelievable set of horns. And me, with my zoom lens! I didn’t get it out in time, and so my first snapshot is this:

My mom spotted him again, and I started snapping pictures like crazy. I followed him a ways, trying to be as stealth as possible. I’ve always been able to sneak up on people, without even trying, and so I was doing my best to heel-toe it, Indian style, as quietly as possible, to get in closer to the Bighorn. And he was staring right at me while I was doing this, chewing grass and watching my pointless creeping.


3 thoughts on “Joshua Tree

  1. Caryn says:

    Those are some nice photos, Corrina! I’ve seen bighorn out at Keys Ranch recently too, but I never have my camera with me–seems to be some kind of law. If you don’t mind sending me the last two (to my park email address) I’d like to put them in our files. If we use them we’ll give you a photo credit. Thanks!

  2. Flyktsager says:

    Very nice pictures! i came through your blogg through womantalk who recommended to have a look at the bighorn.
    Thank you!

  3. […] real-life pictures of a bighorn ram taken by Corrina this summer here. […]

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