Surveillance, and the circle of life

It's still pretty warm here. Air conditioning everywhere is usually too cold for my taste, except for in my car when I'm alone. Not that I'm complaining; my parents' house is an oasis of shady trees and leisurely spots to sit around outside if you feel like.
Yesterday I went to pour out some (clean, room temp) water into a planter just outside the front door, and I caused a bird to fly out of the planter in a fluttery panic. I leaned in to see where the bird had been, and there was a nest with at least twelve eggs in it. A soaking wet nest. At least it was the middle of the day, and something like that will dry in two seconds, but I will have to live with that for the rest of my life. I poured a pan of water onto a bird that was nesting with its babies. It was comforting to find out that the bird returned to her nest later on that day.
I also got to meet up with a high school friend, Sally, that I hadn't seen in about fourteen years. We had lost touch for about a decade, but myspace has a way of bringing people back together. Also, she's the kind of person that we see each other after so many years and we can just pick up the conversation and the laughter where we left off. She has four kids, and her fifteen year-old was with her. I guess I've had friends that have children, but this one's almost an adult, and a very smart, engaging and beautiful girl. I can't believe something like that came from someone who is the exact same age as me. And there's three more. I can't imagine what it's like to be responsible for four human beings, when I can't even come up with the energy to feed myself three healthy meals a day. And to worry about them, with all that's out there in the world. It's enough to worry about my siblings and parents, and to hope nothing out there hurts them, and how every time one of them is in a car going down the freeway, that's a little piece of my heart that's zooming along the freeway with all those crazy drivers out there.

It's comforting to know that if I have kids, by the time they're teenagers I will be able to have lo-jack's surgically installed and be able to monitor where they are, how fast they are going, and what they are looking at on the internet. And maybe, if I'm lucky, I will have a little speaker installed on their heads, to tell people to leave my babies alone if I don't like how they are talking to them. I'm sure they won't mind.


Quail nest


2 thoughts on “Surveillance, and the circle of life

  1. Robyn says:

    I fully agree with lo jacking the children šŸ™‚

  2. […] quail nest that I traumatized at my parents’ house in June still yielded a flock of baby quail, and they can be seen […]

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