That one’s ours

Thursday’s mad dash to Laguna Beach for Sammy’s Graduation was well worth it. First of all, I got to visit Nathen on the way there. And bonus, a few of us made it down to the beach for a little sunshine before we all raced off to Sammy’s graduation, and then drove the 2+ hrs back to Joshua Tree that got us home at midnightish.
It was a beautiful ceremony. I didn’t realize how exceptionally sweet that particular class was until I saw how they interacted, and heard the stories that one of their teachers shared. From what I understood, having that obnoxious T.V. show being filmed in the background of their lives kinda made all the kids bond. It also made them see how they DIDN’T want to act, and so Sammy’s class was the most mature, least self-absorbed group of teenagers you’ll probably ever see.
Oh! And as each kid got their diploma, a baby picture of them was projected onto the screen overhead. Whenever possible, it was a silly pic.
I’m so glad I went, and her graduation was a wonderful, memorable event, even with all of the chaos going on on the same weekend. I hope she got enough sleep, somewhere in there.

I know there are other nieces out there who just graduated, but ours is the smartest, most beautiful, clever, independent woman in the whole wide world. Our other niece is too, but she wasn’t our niece yet until the next night, at Chad and Jeannie’s Wedding Ceremony.










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