Because I get kinda stressed out working in Photoshop all day.

Today I went to little dive bar with one of my co-workers, and we played pool for a while and I had a beer, which I ended up drinking like, less than half of. It consoled me while I got fully slaughtered at pool. Three times in a row, and sooo humiliating. I taught him how to play pat-a-cake afterward, just to feel like I was better at something than him.

But you know, I felt so relaxed from doing that. Because I NEVER ever stop off somewhere and have a beer after work. It seriously felt like it was just as good for my spirit as all this yoga. Not that I’d want to drink beer in a dive bar on a regular basis. But in terms of relaxing me, it totally did the trick. It stands out just as much as that nice long swim in the ocean I had on Saturday. Less of a workout than a session of treading water and watching someone paint a mural on a house on shore. I just floated there, mesmerized, and watched the painting. Now that’s what you do when you want to relax.

And Wednesday, more relaxation. I will try to recover.




One thought on “Because I get kinda stressed out working in Photoshop all day.

  1. Corrina says:

    That photo belongs in the hillbilly Xmas collection.

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