Animal behavior

The other night I dreamt about tigers and lions, and they were mauling me. Everywhere I went they were either mauling me or other people.  I spent the next morning looking at my cat suspiciously.  The first time I tried to trim his claws, I went into it thinking that if I want to do it badly enough, I will somehow make it happen. But he had the same approach, and he didn’t want them trimmed, SO much more than I wanted them trimmed.  So now every time he comes after me for affection, he gets something stuck in my skin.  It’s not pleasant for either of us.

Speaking of cuddly animals, I went to Janae and Andrew’s yesterday in Silverado Canyon so that Janae and I could scout out some locations for a photoshoot next weekend.  They now have four adorable doggies that are very, very friendly.  You can tell they are dog people and also that they are home a lot, because the dogs act very human.  I love watching the interaction between humans and animals in an environment where the animals get a lot of attention, because it’s neat to see how both have trained each other.  Both the human and the dog seem to know what the other is about to do. The display they put on when we were about to leave was ridiculously cute.  The dogs were cute too (awww!).





Doesn’t it look like they’re crying??



2 thoughts on “Animal behavior

  1. Janae says:

    Lala looks like the French whore she is! But seriously, I love these photos. You’re so talented!!!

  2. bootsie says:

    love the one of them looking out the window at you, adorable.

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