It’s legal in our eyes

Orange County is still there, and doing just fine, but I had to go down again for the weekend, just to make sure. I spent Saturday evening in Silverado Canyon with Janae and Andrew. Janae and I ended up wandering out into the woods and getting married:


We also had a nice photoshoot, with her very helpful husband, Andrew, and later Charles Deguzman via his Photoshop actions. He is currently my favorite wedding photographer and also makes a mean set of actions. This one replicates the lensbaby, a lens that you can put on your camera that makes a special motion blur around your subject. The focal point is called the “sweet spot” by lensbaby enthusiasts. I also used his cross process action to turn a grey gate in the background into a gorgeous blue.

For our honeymoon, Janae and I are going to go see Bat For Lashes in concert, followed a couple of weeks later by The Beastie Boys.




2 thoughts on “It’s legal in our eyes

  1. Beautiful beautiful photos… And congrats.

  2. Janae says:

    I’m so glad that we’re married now. It’s been a llittle uncomfortable with Andrew, but I think he’s accepted our love. Can’t wait until Bat for Lashes. I’m going to make her dedicate a song to you!

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