Elvira at the Queen Mary

I accompanied my friend, Savage, to her Elvira audition on Friday night at The Queen Mary in Long Beach. I was expecting a sea of Elvira clones, but there were actually some great variations on that look. I was listening to her giving a radio interview the other day, and I really like her. She’s a total comedian. And did you know she was in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure? I didn’t.


Incidentally, I just got Adobe’s LightRoom today, and this is the first thing I’ve developed in it. It is great for files shot in Raw, and that’s what I usually shoot in. So Elvira’s photo was my introduction to LightRoom. I like that.

This little guy was one of my favorite things there:





4 thoughts on “Elvira at the Queen Mary

  1. Evilynia says:

    Did your friend have a horrible experience at the Elvira auditions? I’ve heard nothing but terrible things from several goth girls who went to the search for the next elvira audition. They all said that the judges trashed them, including Elvira herself. Cassandra Fever and Patterson Lundquist were also judges, but apparantly Cassandra was the one that made rude and insulting comments to the girls. So far I have accounted several girls who were told they didn’t have cheekbones, were ugly, looked like Rosie O’Donnel and Joan Jett.

    I’m sorry but the search for the next elvira is not American Idol and if the producers think this type of behavior will make it interesting they can forget about it. I cannot fathom why girls would want to be trashed on a measily 3 episode show by Elvira and her manvira judges.

  2. janaedimick says:

    Hey, our friend got on the show! How’s that for cool?

  3. janaedimick says:

    Now that I think about it, we should both give advice on being on a reality TV show.

  4. Stephanie says:

    I audtioned for the show and was one of the last girls in that night. I went out said my name and then stumbled on the stairs going up on the stage. I dont know who was who other than elvira but one of the manviras was HORRIBLY mean. He said i was FAT before i got two words out of my mouth. When he did that Elvira and the other manvira both gave him exhausted looks and told me to continue. Elvira was VERY sweet and very nice. The other manvira was also nice. He told me that i didnt look bad and i wasnt ugly or weird but that I didnt have what it took to be elvira. The other manvira said ‘YOUR BEING TOO NICE, SORRY HONEY BUT HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN ELVIRA?’ It was all a blur but i stumbled away on the stairs again sort of stunned. I got out and they did a short post audition interview and asked me to trash talk them. I really didnt want to because Elvira wasnt mean at all and the manvira on her left, or my right was nice too. It was the one manvira on the otherside that was really mean. I sort of expected it to be like that but it hurt. the only thing that made me not feel like crying was that Elvira herself was really nice to me and didnt have a mean thing to say.

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