Just in case




In certain parts of the world there are people who are stuck in whatever house or room they are dwelling in, and their only outlet to the world is through the internet, which tempts me to talk about my cat some more because, hey! That’s a captive audience.

But no, I will spare you the tales of my favorite animal in the wide world because I know what it’s like to be at the receiving end of that. Instead, I will tell you about the how I found my masthead!

I was in Hawaii for a week in 2001 with my two sisters and my niece, and we were in the town of Kona. We were all three rummaging for swim gear in the trunk of our rental car when I discovered this glow in the dark tag attached to a wire, with the picture shown on my masthead. The image made me laugh so hard that I could barely get the words out, “Asia, look!” and we all looked at the tag and fell apart laughing again. Someone mentioned, through their laughter, that they could have gotten their point across with just the image of the open trunk, and Asia, barely able to get the words out, said, “But then how would he know to keep running?”




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