Surveillance and the circle of life, part 2

I’m in Joshua Tree again, for the weekend. I have a photoshoot scheduled for this evening at sunset, which I am excited about. I love desert sunsets.

The past week has been nothing but work, with obsessive organizing at home so that the next time I move it won’t be so cumbersome. Since I spent so much of my life in the desert, I associate July and August with months that you simply survive the heat and then come back to life in Sept/ Oct. I think, some years, that I still auto pilot back to that mode.

The quail nest that I traumatized at my parents’ house in June still yielded a flock of baby quail, and they can be seen running by whenever we look out the window. Why? Because there are no cats. While we definitely miss having cats here, we now get to see ridiculously cute scenes like this:




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