What I really wanted to do this evening when I got home was just go into my room, sit on the floor and be cranky. Not that work was stressful in any way; it wasn’t.  I look at photographs all day and get inspired.  I was just low on energy.  I do not know how people take on more than the basics. My life is pretty freakin simple.  I even had an adorable cat to greet me (noisily) and made caprese salad for dinner, and had nothing much on my to-do list.  Yet I felt taxed at having to take my shoes off and like, you know, breathe. That takes way too much work and I object.

Like I said, work was not stressful.  In fact, I came up with this idea today to try to do a photography show with my co-workers.  I need to put together a proposal, which includes an artist statement and some of the photos that would be in the show.  And I got SO excited about it.  It is long overdue, and I think would be very well received by whoever ventures out to see it.  It will even be fun to help curate.  The Final Prints Dept at my work has been doing these photography field trips for close to two years now, with everyone greatly improving in their skill and range along the way.  We’ve had some great times, some sleepless all-night drives, some amazing sunrises, and I have seen some of the best photography, ever.  I still can’t believe I can go somewhere and witness someone taking pictures, and still be so astonished by what comes out of their camera.

I will update on this as it progresses.  Right now I’m struggling with the artist’s statement.

As for my weekend, I enjoyed a nice, peaceful 2 days with my parents.  I caught up on sleep, and we all drank a lot of coffee.  I capped off the weekend with a photoshoot of a family, up in the Joshua Tree Nat’l Park.  And as I leisurely drove out of the Park into a stunning sunset, forgetting entirely that I was technically working, I remembered, THIS is what I love the most about photography, and I must be in the right line of work.


Skull Rock, Joshua Tree Nat’l Park


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