Bat For Lashes

Last night Janae and I went to Spaceland, a venue in Silver Lake (near Hollywood), to see "Bat For Lashes", a female musician that we fell hard for while watching her video on YouTube. She's a dark-haired musician with a sexy voice and an impressive range of musical abilities. It was an excellent evening, that could only have been improved upon by a hired limousine so that Janae and I could have gotten our drink on. She is SUCH a good musician though! I feel privileged to have seen her in such an intimate venue. The opening act, "Lion of Panjshir", was good too. Amazing, in fact, and I rushed over to get one of their CD's as soon as they announced they were available. I don't even know how to describe them; all I can do is refer you back to their name. They have a great way of mixing middle-eastern influence into their music, and it's all carried out in a colorful visual treat. The singer has this mix of woman and little girl with big brown eyes, and she carried the show with an infectious energy, and said things that made me want her to keep talking after the show. She had a little story about the adversity of being a musician in Afghanistan. The second act was good, I mean she's got a great voice, but I am hoping that what she is doing will be looked back at as her "Tori Amos" phase. I mean, she's doing exactly what Tori Amos does. She's not just influenced. Talented, though, nonetheless, both vocally and musically. Basically it was an all-female lineup with just a little help from some male musicians and crew.
So far I have seen some pretty good live music in the past year. I love that the internet allows you to really check out a musician before trucking all the way out to see it and giving away your entire evening.

Janae and I didn’t get any pics of our girls night. Oh wait, we did, but they’re all on her camera.




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