Getting distracted on my way past the kitchen

Last night I was excited to come home and continue with my massive organization project, and I discovered that martinis and organizing don’t mix at all.  Two sips in and I was a drunken, uncordinated idiot.   Granted I was pretty tired from the show the night before, but I didn’t think a cocktail would curtail my drive while I’m working on a project that I’m so into.  I was so pleased to discover that I have all of the ingreds for a good martini on hand, and it seemed sad to not enjoy one.

I have my stuff so organized now, though.  I couldn’t believe it could be done.  The other night Janae and I were trying to get ready and were pressed for time.  I needed something to fix my jeans, and even though it was in my garage, I knew exactly where it would be without having to do any searching.  I know where EVERYTHING is.  Ask me where my wig collection is, just ask me.  I can point you right to it.  Are you looking for an assortment of oversize spools of thread?  Ancient cameras?  Platform lace up PVC boots?  I’ve got it all, and I know where it is.  Now please come relieve me of my crap, and bring a truck, and a martini shaker.

This weekend I will take a break from my projjing and spend three days with my sister, Asia.  She’s moving up to northern California.



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