Dear Diary,

This weekend was the best ever. Sunday started off with a nice beach walk with my mom, and we found a nice little cliffy spot where we could see the shore for a long ways in both directions and finish our coffee. The water had the visibility of a clean aquarium, and was beckoning us to run down and jump in, in our clothes (which we all but did, a little later). We watched a harbor seal skim along the shore and then find his way into the tidepool area. I’m pretty sure he was trying to invite us down. By the time we got back to Lisa's house an hour later, our clothes were wet up to our waists. And we sorta didn't mean to get wet, we were just too curious.

Ian and I got into our snorkeling gear later on and went for a nice long swim. Visibility was excellent, and I just about drowned myself skimming the bottom so I could stare at shells. We saw a jellyfish, which put a hefty fear into me, but not enough to make me go back to shore.

God Damn it was a good weekend. The only thing that would have made it better was if there was a cappuccino cart down there on the sand.

Oh and I saw The Bourne Ultimatum last night. GREAT action movie. I have never seen a car chase shot that way. I did some squealing, and the people around me were clapping and yelling. Some of the shots had the feeling of that space ride at Disneyland, but maybe that was because I was so close to the screen.

I want to see it again.


One thought on “Dear Diary,

  1. aimee says:

    I feel like I just took a trip down to the beach after reading this blog. 🙂 It sounds like the perfect weekend. I have yet to email you back; I am a bad friend. Maybe we can get together soon. The boys ask about you from time to time. It’s cute.

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