Life at home, August

This week has been one of adjusting.  My roommate, Cris, just got back from traveling around the world in 21 days.  I don’t know where she’s been, because she works as a producer for a ree al itee show called “The A maze ing Rayce” -purposely misspelled to avoid google searches (How totally clever am I?).  She cannot disclose anything about the show or where she’s been.  Last season she bought a jacket in this little country that said the name of the country on the sleeve.  I still didn’t pick up on that clue until that particular episode aired.  So she need not worry about me figuring anything out.

One of my other roommates, Brian, just got back from Canada after being there since January.  He left a few weeks after Christmas, so I can only imagine the adjustment he’s having.  He’s flying to Korea next week.

The other roommate, Ingrid, has a phone for the hearing impaired, which is kinda like having a marching band enter your living room in the middle of a set.  It scares the hell out of me, and I feel violated. She is great with the plants and animals, though.  Brian’s cat adopted her as its owner, while he was gone, so that was nice, and kinda heart-rendering.

I am wrapping up my huge organizing project, and am fully ready to launch into a creative project as soon as I’m done.   I’m thinking of doing another collage.

As for my daily photo, I thought I’d continue with the theme of humiliating photos of our beloved Asia:



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