I ended up staying in town this weekend! A rarity, for me. I have spent the weekend cooking and cleaning, which is nice, because I’m doing it for me and not my dependents, because I don’t have any. So what’s clean and organized will stay clean and organized, and the food will be well received by all the people who eat it (me). I’m trying to set it up so that I can eat home cooked meals all week. This would be a first, and would be SO nice.

I stayed in all weekend in part because two of my closest friends, of the O.C. foursome, are going through breakups. I left my saturday open for them, and then ended up shoe shopping by myself because they were both keeping themselves busy with their to-do lists. They are far stronger with breakups than I am, and I have trouble relating to their, albeit admirable, wad-it-up-and-stuff-it deep-down approach. I would need hugs and I would need to TALK about my FEELINGS. However, I’m glad they’re doing well. They have SOOO been there for me when I’m having a bad day/week/year, and I like to think they’d turn to me if they needed to. Christyne is coming over this evening for latte and cookies, and she WILL eat those cookies, because I have to feel like I’m doing something to help. She’s such an oak.

Meanwhile my Sunday morning has been devoted to cooking, and I’m loving it. So far I’ve made a huge breakfast and then a casserole, and next is soup, and then of course the cookies. Have you read the book, “Under The Tuscan Sun”? I’m not talking about the movie, because the two have almost nothing in common. It made me want to stay home all the time and just garden and cook. I think of that on days like this.

I am also currently re-reading Jon Krakauer’s book, “Into Thin Air”, and it’s making me want to get in my car and drive to the mountains. And last night I came across this trailer for a movie based on Krakauer’s previous book, “Into the Wild,” which made me want to get into my car, drive up to the mountains, get out of the car, and wander off into the wilderness.

But then who would make cookies for the Chrystine? And who would hug those bitches and make them talk about their feelings? Because that’s my job!


One thought on “Impulsiveness

  1. Janae says:

    Words cannot express how I feel about you, so I’m leavin’ it to the “Golden Girls” theme song.

    Thank you for being a friend
    Traveled down the road and back again
    Your heart is true your a pal and a confidant.

    And if you through a party
    Invited everyone you ever knew
    You would see the biggest gift would be from me
    And the card attached would say thank you for being a friend.

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