Field trips

I took myself on a great date last night.  Clothes shopping, then two hours in a bookstore, then dinner, dessert and a movie.  The movie was The Bourne Ultimatum, again. I wanted to watch the action scenes a second time, because I’ve just never seen anything like that.

Today I went to Bergamot Station in Santa Monica to look at art.  There are a lot of galleries open right now, and the thing that made it worth going was the Jason Peters exhibit made entirely of of pails, called paileontology.


Notice I didn’t refer to them as buckets.  I didn’t want to put “paileontology” and just leave it hanging, and have you think I’m retarded and don’t know how to spell.  I obsess on insignificant things like that.  I’ll still be your friend though, even if you bungle words.  I’ll just stew on it quietly while looking at you sideways and biting my lip.

So these pailsies, the whole ensemble is as big as the inside of a two car garage, and is suspended from the ceiling, about two feet off of the floor.  When I began entering the exhibit, I went through a black curtain, then another black curtain, and then I was in total darkness.  At this point I turned around and exited.  Then as I was looking at the other lit up parts of the exhibit, the girl working there asked if I’d made it in to see the main exhibit.  I told her my short experience in there, so she told me to follow along the wall, go through another black curtain, and then let my adjust to the light.  I did, and it was well worth it.  The installation glows very softly, and everything around it is just thick blackness. You can’t see the ceiling, walls, or floor. The thing doesn’t glow onto anything else. It’s just there, with the parts that hold it together all in uniform and creating a spine effect. I put on my ipod, and filled my head with music while I wandered around, looking at this thing from every angle.  Then I was peeking through parts and looking up, and then I was finding my favorite places to stand.  I backed up excitedly and hit the wall.  Gaining a grip on the parameters of the place, I started running around and playing until I noticed the soft a-frame of somebody’s pants and realized that I was no longer alone.  I still had to fish around for a flashlight so that I could find the doorway again.

So based on that alone I’d have to say I recommend Bergamot’s current shows.  There are also several good painting displays, and one photoshop display.
This weekend I’ll be in OC with my favorite peeps.



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