Sunday, at the Beastie Boys concert

Janae and I went to a Beastie Boys concert on Sunday night, to celebrate her last night of summer vacation. She’s embarking on another hectic semester of working on her Master’s Degree in English Lit, which if it doesn’t kill her, will make her a lot stronger. The concert was at the Greek, which was SUCH a nice venue. The not so nice thing about it was the stacked parking, which means that all cars assume the position of a massive traffic jam, and our ability to leave depended completely on the cooperation of every single other car in the entire parking lot. I carried on about it way longer than necessary, and finally she’s like, “okay, I get it, we’re going to be here until 4 a.m.!” And I said, “No really, we might end up sleeping in your car.”  And she’s all, “I’m okay with that” and I’m like, “You know, we’re going to be here until 4 a.m.” The show was great, and I’m glad we went.  Onstage, they remind me of Lenny and Squiggy with a third MC and then two turntables and a DJ, and a wacky keyboard player named ‘Money Mark’.  That guy was all over the place, and then did a one handed cartwheel as they were leaving stage.  I will be working on getting Asia to do that, on our next visit.


We were home by midnight.


2 thoughts on “Sunday, at the Beastie Boys concert

  1. rskew says:

    hey…i Assume your name is corrina…

    my heart goes out to your friend and hope she comes out stronger and not otherwise…

    the traffic situation is very bad in the every part of the world…despite leaving early i still took an hour to get to work …and most of my office people are still on their way…stuck in traffic all over mumbai…



  2. asia says:

    A one handed cart wheel you say…………

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