The pig in the family

My sister Lisa and her boyfriend have a potbelly pig named Oblio. He was given to them as a tiny, cute baby pig …and as a joke. He liked to be held and he made cute little noises, and ground his tiny baby teeth. We would feed him little carrot sticks and rub his little belly, and ooh and ahh over him and his babyish sweetness. He grew up to be a foul-tempered 150 pound beast who hates guests. If someone fell down in the house and got hurt, and nobody else was around except for the pig, I wouldn’t put it past him to seriously try to kill that person. He hates Lisa when Chad is home, and if Chad’s not here, he puts up with her begrudgingly in order to get food and attention until Chad get home.

That said, he’s a pretty smart little bugger. He learned all the basic commands staggeringly quick, like ‘sit’ and ‘lay down’. The only reason he’ll hesitate is purely out of laziness. He figured out how to customize his sleeping area to his exact liking, and on any given evening he can be found arranging the pillows just so, a few feet apart, with the blanket dragged in and spread out in between the two pillows. All by himself. He’ll spend as much time on it as he has to. If it takes 20 to 25 minutes, he’ll keep at it until he has that blanket arranged so that it’ll bunch up in such a way that it’ll fall over onto him, just so, when he leans into it. This is where he can be found anytime after about 9:00, grunting and bitching at whoever walks by.

There’s something to be said though, for the bond between a pig and his owner.



4 thoughts on “The pig in the family

  1. bootsie says:

    That is the funniest photo ever!

  2. asia says:

    I swear I’m going to meet the guy that gave Chad Oblio one of these days and I’m going to just punch him in the belly and walk away. I won’t even say anything, just punch and walk.

  3. corrinacorrina says:

    Well he lives not too far from you. I’m just sayin.

  4. asia says:

    He’s an SOB. I’m just sayin. I hate him. I really do. OH, and I can’t wait until you visit.

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