Cooking weather

I think that for a day or two I was in denial that we’re in the middle of a heat wave. I recall a day last summer when it was so hot at home that all I could do was lay on my bed very still, and I was still uncomfortable because I like to keep my head under a pillow. However, I also forgot all last summer that I have a ceiling fan in my room. In fact I still kept forgetting, and the last two times Janae was over she pointed at in, wondering why it wasn’t on. Ever since the last time she was over I’ve had the thing on all the time, so thank you Janae.  It’s keeping me comfortable.  Today, though, I was cooking in a hot kitchen and I finally had to admit that it’s boiling out. We are definately in the middle of a freaking heat wave, and I’m just glad I don’t live in the Valley. We don’t have air conditioning though, and cooking is a bad idea, but I did all my meal planning around cooking so I kinda had to.

I made Broccoli Bisque with Hawaiian bread rolls, and I sat there sweating and loving it.


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