Link Soup

I am always looking for good blogs to read, besides the ones of people I know (I love those and wish there were more. MORE!). I read all of Dooce’s blogs, from 2001 to current, and I enjoyed it so much that I was wishing it was a paperback. The first blog I fell in love with was written by Bobby Burgess, called ‘Perceptions’. He still blogs, but the older ones are my favorites. Man, I loved his blog. So I thought with all the hundreds of thousands of blogs out there, I’d find more that I love, but it’s actually pretty hard. This is more due to my short attention span than anything else. Like a difficult newborn baby, I have trouble latching on.

Recently I discovered Blogher, and via that, somehow, oh wait my sister-in-law found it, I got to Indie Bloggers, with Jurgen Nation and Mamalikey, a.k.a. I’m not a girl, not yet a wino. Sooo refreshing, and it only took several months of searching. They have their own blogs, plus run Indie Bloggers. I joined right away. I also like Purple Women, a blog about women choosing to go childless (HI!). But, um, how the Fuck does one put together a comprehensive, non-biased, non-topic oriented, other than funny, list of good blogs? I guess it’s completely subjective, and therefore impossible to run a search on. You just have to search, search and search forever.

And I don’t mind mommyblogs at all, it’s just delicate territory. I don’t want to hear how cute someone’s toddler is, unless they are telling me a story that is in and of itself actually entertaining. Otherwise, I just immediately picture a house full of chaos and toys, and where is the novelty there? Because I can tell you how cute my cat is. He’s so cute, he has to defend himself from me. I can go on and on about him and you will want to kill me.

The reason I blog, as I’ve previously stated, is to reach out to other women, and to the people that are already in my life but are far away. So this thing I spend so much time on, this writing thing that I love so dearly, it becomes so validated when I find other bloggers to read and who interact (thank you, Jergen Nation!). It makes it all start to sink in, and it feels wonderful.

We are at the very beginning of a whole new era for women and communication, all different ages and from all walks of life. We are all sitting outside watching the sunrise, with messed up hair and coffees in our hand.


2 thoughts on “Link Soup

  1. Rambler says:

    Good to see people discovering each other over the internet, indiebloggers has helped me find so many nice bloggers who have become permanent on my google reader.
    Good to see more people deciding to write and read blogs
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Herroh!!! Thanks for the link and kind words, sweet girl. (And to womantalk up there – I heart you, too!) I adore this post and am bookmarking it for future reference when I’m feeling confused about why I blog and whether I should stop and end it altogether. Also, regarding women who choose to go childless: AMEN. I’m with you and it’s a topic that most people don’t understand, as they tend to think it means that we who choose child-free lives hate children (it’s not that) or that there’s something wrong with us. Usually it’s neither, although I freely admit that I like children to be cute, well-dressed and quiet, something that doesn’t gain me points in the world. I can’t wait to check out the blog you referenced on that topic. See – now I’m finding great links from YOU! Womantalk and Purple Women, here I come.

    Thanks, sunshine. 🙂

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