Permanent jet-lag?

When I was a kid I used to be the one in the house who slept in. I don’t remember what time I used to wake up, but it seems like it was around 7-8. When I woke up, everyone else was already awake and had already started their day. When I’d go to someone else’s house to stay the night, I was the one who woke up hours before everyone else. Usually around 7-8. Everybody else in the world seems to prefer to sleep until around 9 or 10. That’s how I got interested in interior design as a teenager. I spent so much time at other people’s houses just laying there, staring at the walls, and thinking about what I’d do if that was my room.

Lately I’ve been trying to get up earlier, so that I can get home from work earlier, and maybe get a little more done during the day. And since it’s hard to wake up to an alarm no matter what time, I went ahead and started getting up at 4 a.m. so I can get to work at five. Then I’m off at 1:30, and it’s wonderful. I’ve been doing it for five weeks now, and it’s going pretty good. Last Friday, I made lattes for everybody at work who had also gotten there at five, which turned out to be around 9 people. It took a while, but I like to think I helped boost productivity.

The thing is, I get home and all I can do is sleep. I think about sleeping all day while I’m at work, daydreaming about it. I spend the day longing to go back to bed and cuddle up with my cat and sleep. Me and my cat, and then I start thinking about cats, and then daydreaming about a whole field of cats, and we’re all happily cuddled up together and sleeping.  But yeah, I get home from work and take this big long stretched out nap, then wake up for a little bit, and then I go to bed. I’ve done a little bit of cooking, but I had to force myself to stay awake for it. So I feel like I’ve spent the past month sleeping. I feel like I should start checking for bedsores. I’ve just been sortof rolling with it and treating it like jet lag, like I’m just going to get past it eventually and it’ll start feeling normal, and I’ll start getting productive again and very productive at that, because I’m off work in the middle of the day. But it’s not happening yet. I’m a little frustrated too, because I thought after I got over this hurdle I’d start going to Bikram again, but I’m waiting to go until I get the urge inside to go, like what happened before. It’s like a spiritual calling, and going to yoga just answers the call. Otherwise it’s a very grueling ordeal for no reason. But I might just have to nudge myself a little harder and look forward to the energy boost as an after effect, because this isn’t cutting it. I’m going to turn to mush.

On the bright side, I’m finally getting up at the same time as the rest of my family!


One thought on “Permanent jet-lag?

  1. Ann M. says:

    You are really good with night time and I’ll always think that you really should sleep in and take advantage of how good you do with night. Me, when the lights go on, I’m sleepy. I just don’t function when the sun sets. You always seem to come alive then.

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