My hill, my coffee beans

I’ve had a sinus infection type-thing that lives near my ear, for 2 weeks now. It makes it so that I have to conduct my life as though I’m sick. If I don’t, then my ear hurts. Conducting my life like a sick person means getting a lot of rest, no coffee, drinking a lot of water, and getting a lot of sleep. And whatever function of the body that makes it so that drinking coffee while sick is a no-no, can just f*** off. My days are currently filled with visions of large coffee cups full of latte, lots of thick foam, and the espresso dribbled just so, making swirls and heart shapes, and maybe my initials, and then a cute little wavy line of steam rising above it. My latte is either mocha or caramel, or both. Then sprinkles of chocolate. It’s flanked with a large cranberry scone, and maybe some fruit or cheese, and it all greets me first thing in the morning before work. After work, I race off to look at art galleries in L.A., then I go to the beach at either Rancho Palos Verdes or Malibu, and watch the sun go down and contemplate how great I feel. I follow this up with a grueling Bikram yoga class, and then home, to drift off into a well-earned deep sleep. This is the would be day, in the absence of being “sick”.

Thank Gaud I have a laptop.


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