I got another cat

It’s ironic that I had my first-ever pepper sneeze today, an hour after I took Claritin for the first time.

And yeah, I acquired another kitty cat.   My roommate is moving to China, and his cat is staying.  Her name is Toosil, and for the past year, her grooming maintenance has been taken care of entirely by my cat.  He holds her down with his paw and grooms her until he’s satisfied.   Before that, she just walked around kinda dirty and oily.  She’s a very good-natured cat.  Before we had four roommates, I used to have to round up the cats to put them in the front half of the house so I could turn on our motion activated alarm system, before I would leave in the morning.  She would hide in the skirts of my roommate’s bed, and meeow.  She’s not very bright, but we really like her.

My doctor said that people who live in California eventually develop allergies.  I could go with that theory, or look at the fact that my cat sleeps pressed up against my face.  The ear pain is possibly an effect of my ear tube closing on the one side to protect itself from allergens, i.e. my cat?   It’s a small price to pay for all that fluffy cuteness.

Behold the cat lady.


One thought on “I got another cat

  1. corrinacorrina says:

    Even better, I got a video of the cats kicking each other’s asses! I just have to have Chad show me how to compress it.

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