Sitting on a balcony, hiding behind the darkness

There’s this scene from Reno 911 where they’re visiting a brain-damaged guy that they had shot. He keeps looking wide-eyed at the camera with a vacant, intensely happy stare, blinking through his huge coke-bottle glasses. Then he tries to eat a puppy. The show is a send-up of the reality show, COPS, and it takes you in and out of the reality part of the show. This guy, staring at the camera, fits into that format so well, because he’s looking at you but not. I was at the mall the other day and I got that image stuck in my head, and I started giggling. I kept trying to keep it down, but that just made it worse, and I was still deep in the mall. I had to walk by so many people and all the while continuing to giggle harder and harder. I could have pretended to be talking on the phone, but I guess I didn’t care.

Later that night I went with some friends to the Bat For Lashes show at the troubadour. The opening act was Chris Chavez, an amazing musician. Sorry I don’t have a better word than “amazing”, but that’s how it was: I was amazed, and I was obnoxious and loud about it the whole time. I was hooked from the very first song, and I highly recommend visiting his Myspace page to listen to “Baghdad’s Alight”. The guitar playing alone is a treat. I was sitting there in the “balcony” seating, to the extreme left of the stage. My Jaeger-bomb was kicking in and I was feeling so good, realizing that I had discovered a wonderful musician, again, and I am on such a lucky streak! So when the song ended I cheered loudly, and then let out an extra loud holler. He snapped his head over at us, and stared into the darkness that we were sitting in, looking for the source of that noise. He’s a good looking guy, but the light was hitting his face so that his eyes were just black sockets, staring right at me, but not. I was so afraid I’d fall back into my giggling fit from earlier that day, and I had to concentrate extra hard not to because it was SO not the time.

It’s nice that I can amuse myself without anyone’s help, but there’s a time and a place.

The Bat For Lashes show was great, too. Other pics of it can be seen here.


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