Stand by

Have you ever eaten Fettuccine Alfredo while watching a tape worm removal on Youtube? It’s not a good combination, and I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to wait until I finished my dinner to click on the video. It was kinda like the time when I discovered the “Faces Of Death” videos, and then sat down to watch them while eating Kentucky Fried Chicken. Duhhh!!!!

But its all smoky out, and we have to stay inside, because going outside and breathing all that ash would be even …stupider. The sunrise and sunset here in L.A. are very beautiful though, and there is a gorgeous pink cast over everything. You can really see it in the light coming through the windows and bathing the floor. There’s a warehouse across the street from my work and the outside of it is corrugated metal, and it reflected weak pink sunshine all day. The moonrise is an incredible orange glow. The ashes whirl around in the air and settle onto the cars, and affect people’s lungs but isn’t thick enough at all to affect visibility. I was listening to KNX 1070 a.m. all day, which seemed to give the most up to date coverage, but it’s exhausting just to listen to, and makes me feel helpless. I have three friends that have been evacuated, but I think their houses are all safe. They’re just taking precautionary measures. Plus, how breathable would their air be, if it’s so bad all the way up here? Everybody is going to be coughing up ashes for weeks.

So it’s a stay inside, watch gross things on the internet kind of day. We should save our energy, too, because I think everybody is the affected areas is going to need some cheering up.


One thought on “Stand by

  1. bootsie says:

    Sometimes when i’m eating udon noodles, i think about tape worms. But they’re still delicious.

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