Pink Chiffon is very serious

A long time ago when my niece was about three or four, and I was twenty-one, she pointed at me one morning and started bitching me out. She furrowed her little eyebrows, and her blue eyes had fiery sparks coming out of them as she yelled, accusingly, “You’re silly! You’re always so silly you’re never not silly you’re the silliest aunt ever you’re always silly!”This lecture went on for about twenty seconds, with the finger pointing hard and angrily. She was either wearing a miniature pink chiffon prom dress at the time, or was on her way to put it on.

I don’t know where that came from, but apparently she needed to let it out. She cooled off and we went on with our summer, mooning trains and playing slug bug and drawing cartoon-ey pictures of people and singing obnoxiously in the car. Never ever ever being not silly.

Happy 18th Birthday, Samantha. We’re very very very proud of you.


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