Wait, what?

I did NOT know that Led Zeppelin mentioned Mordor and Gollum in the song “Ramble on”. That’s just one of those songs that’s played in the background of life on this planet, pretty much since the last ice age. I never stopped and listened to the lyrics. And then yesterday at work I was listening to KLOS, and I’m like, wait, did he or did he not just say “Mordor”? It was like hearing the song for the first time. And I wasn’t even stoned.

Also, whenever I’d hear Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”, in that line where they say, “Players only love you when they’re playing”: I heard that song so many millions of times when I was a kid, and my mind just wrapped around the idea that she was talking about someone playing, you know, with a toy. I had to stop and reprogram that when I hit age 30.


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