How you spend your day when you’re easily entertained

I got to work by five a. m. almost every day this week.  My friend and I have a bet going to see which one of us can get to work by 5 all next week, and I am going to kick her ass so hard it almost seems unfair.  On Friday, I started work at 4:15 a.m.

So I found myself done with my workday just after noon, and had the whole day free.  I went driving in an effort to get to know L.A. more, and found myself in Beverly Hills trying to find parking so I could get a Sprinkles cupcake.  I gave up after a while because I don’t know that area at all and was no longer craving a cupcake, and I then followed Santa Monica Blvd until I had to pee, and then I made my way home on side streets.  L.A. is famous for how it has affluent neighborhoods right next to extremely poor neighborhoods, and it’s true, and it’s wierd.  I was looking at the really old places and think about the people who might be living in them, and how some of them bought them when they were first build and probably had no idea how much their idyllic little neighborhood might become so funky, or that they’d have to put bars on the windows.

There is tons of exploring to do in Los Angeles, and I’ll just have to take that one day at a time.  Like Mulholland Drive: what’s that about, and will there be good places to take photos from?  If not, then where?  And how much of Griffith Park burned up? And where is the best coffee?  Is there one of those parks somewhere that seems to be full of people walking their purebred dogs?  Because Denver has one of those.


One thought on “How you spend your day when you’re easily entertained

  1. Mike says:

    When I was in college (UCLA) there was a place in the Hollywood hills that we called the “arrows”. It was a housing development that had three telephones poles set in the ground at a slight angle with arrow heads and feathers. It was a great place to park and watch the city lights (and other things) 🙂

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