In between cupcakes

Last night my roommate and I decided to look into eating raw food.  And by that I mean I picked up a book on raw food and then looked at it during dinner, oohing and ahhing over the novelty of creating completely satisfying meals without any cooking, and reading bits of the book to her and showing her the recipes.  Just think, the food will be fresh and healthy and much easier for the body to process!  My roommate just looked on silently and nodded a few times. I think she’s on board.  Either that or she’s not interested at all.  The book I bought is called “Raw Food Made Easy” and has recipes such as Olive Tapenade, Garden Wraps, and Zucchini Pasta al Pesto.  I wouldn’t do a strict raw diet, I’m just interested in adding more raw food to my world.  They have sandwiches that have only lettuce in place of the bread!  For some of the recipes, you have to soak nuts, and I find that intriguing as well.  I think that you’d really have to get used to grazing, if you were to want to eat only raw food.  You’re never going to feel really full like you might be used to, but you’d be surprised at how good you feel after a meal.

The author has a website here.


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