Holiday ups and downs

My friend and I arranged to meet up at this cookie decorating party at her friend’s house, smack dab in the middle of downtown L.A. -He lives in an artist loft with his boyfriend.  We both decided to take side streets all the way from our houses to the party, because of A.) the novelty of it, and B.) sometimes getting from the freeway to anywhere downtown can be more confusing than it’s worth.  Let’s not talk about the part where I screwed up the plan entirely by leaving my cell phone at work.  Let’s not talk about it at all.  Okay let’s talk about it.  It took the simplicity out of the plan entirely, and while I was driving in huge circles on the one-way streets that surround his building, she was upstairs having a Mojito because she really didn’t have any way of knowing where I was or when I was coming.  I started out my evening in a pretty good mindset, but ended up crying and being comforted by Hector, the parking lot attendant a block from where I was supposed to be.  It took me another ten minutes and another assist from yet another parking lot attendant before I finally made it to my destination, where I sat there bewildered and eating fudge. It turned out to be a really easy place to calm down at.  I’ve been there before for a tupperware party hosted by a very entertaining drag queen, and their place is so fun to visit.  They have art everywhere, and they had a metallic pink Christmas tree with the coolest decorations ever.  I’m so glad her friend ended up in an environment like that, where his entertaining and highly unusual personality(in a good way) is able to totally flourish.  I laughed so hard that night, and the funny comments that people were making to each other were still ringing in my head two days later and making me laugh when I was by myself.  When Stephanie and I are over there we like to look at the place and imagine how we’d decorate it.  I was imagining a loft bed with an office underneath it, and the main, open space would be used for painting or some kind of sculpture.  I love how it has high ceilings and exposed plumbing.  I want an artist loft. I could get used to having to go to Hector for directions all the time, and spending all of my spare time hauling things back from the garment district to design my place with.

Anyway, my creative juices got all stirred up while I was there, and now I need a project.


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