It was calling me, and I was like, hey, okay. You don’t gotta twist my arm.

Last night I was curled up in bed watching ‘House’ and listening to the rain coming down, feeling cozy and warm, when I was overcome with the urge to go stand outside in the rain. The only thing that got in the way of that was that when I got out there, it wasn’t raining anymore, which made it kind of boring, just standing out there in the middle of the street wearing a Jaegermeister t-shirt and my yoga pants. The night, however, was sublime. The sky was lit up so light, I guess from the L.A. lights bouncing off of the overcast sky, and then everything was wet and shiny and light. Since there’s Christmas lights all over the street, the entire outdoors all along my street was glowing and sparkling.

That’s as winter as it’s gonna get here.


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