Holiday surveillance


And this is Asia and her former roommate, Missy, doing their gift exchange and being spied on by a girl with a zoom lens.


Asia made a blanket for her boyfriend, Brandon, who drums in a heavy metal band. I think this is my favorite quilt, ever.

And of course, there was the Christmas game of Jenga. This is usually played by Ian, Chad and Samantha, but Asia and I took up the slack this year. It starts to not feel like Christmas without it, as there’s been a game every Christmas for like ten years.

This Christmas was the first one that we went almost entirely without a gift exchange. The exchanging we did was very casual, and there was no tree. Since there were no kids with us on Christmas day (Sam’s 18 now!) we had a very lazy, relaxing day of eating and hanging out. It’s really cold out here, but still sunny and pretty out. I took charge of preparing the food for in-between meals, and hopefully prepared myself so that I’m not as traumatized when I have to cook for a large group on Christmas or T-day. That chore has somehow evaded my entire adult life, and I’m sure my luck will run out. I plan to be prepared so that I don’t end up in the backyard crying and talking to myself from all the stress.

Nah, that’ll never happen. Having to cook for everybody, I mean.


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