Griffith Observatory

A few days before Christmas, my parents came into L.A. and met up with me, my niece, my sister and her boyfriend at the Griffith Observatory.

Even though I’ve been living up here for a couple of years now, this was my first trip up there and the view was incredible. I SO want to go up there at sunset. There was a straight shot view of Western Ave as it goes all the way to the south side of the Palos Verdes Peninsula. I tried putting one side of my polarized sunglasses in front of the camera to get a better shot, and all it did was take out some of the detail and saturate the photo in yellow. So while I’m still going to say it was a genius idea in theory, I can’t recommend it in actual use.


It was a beautiful day up there.



We also watched Laser Loggins inside of the observatory. It wasn’t really Laser Loggins since there was no laser show and no Loggins either, but there was a nice show about the history of astronomy with an almost perfect rendition of the night sky on huge spherical ceiling.
From there we went to the Farmer’s Market on Fairfax. It’s been there since 1934!! They have a store in there that’s devoted entirely to hot sauce. I finally got to choose from hundreds of scorching hot hot sauces, instead of just the handful of scorching hot, ulcer inducing hot sauces you find at the grocery store.

It was the crepes, however, that made me put that on my list of places to go back to. It’s also walking distance from the L.A. County Art Museum. I’m really glad they took me there because I would have continued to drive by it and think that it was just another Farmer’s Market.


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