Home Sweet This Place

Long Beach. I’m moving back to Long Beach. I haven’t lived there since I was 20, and I was brokey broke all the time, emo, and working and going to school, and terrible at managing my resources. I never got to enjoy Long Beach, and it’s such a quaint, artsy little city. No not little; big. And long. It’s also improved in the past 15 years. I’m looking at studio apartments near Christyne. I prefer a studio over a one bedroom, because I like the idea of having my bedroom in my living room, and I’m not planning on designing my apartment around company. It’ll just be designed around me, and cooking. I will also have the pleasure of being able to blast in on Christyne any old time I please. If she’s walking distance, then I’ll probably show up whenever I have a full cup of coffee, or whenever she has a pot brewing. That be after I get past my ear problems. She, on the other hand, is a full-on Virgo, and has a large two bedroom apartment. I think she’d gladly spread out into a four-bedroom apartment if she could. She has each room meticulously painted and decorated exactly to her liking, and thinks the place is a mess. Granted she’s not done unpacking, her place still screams Virgo Interior Designer. Her kitchen will occasionally scream CORRINA after I’ve been living there a while.

Also? There’s kayaking down there. Her neighborhood is right next to the beach and it’s a great area for rollerblading, kayaking, and some other water sports but I can’t remember which ones. It’s great for shopping, and has a nice proximity to work and the family in OC.

My kitchen is going to have copper everywhere.


One thought on “Home Sweet This Place

  1. Aimee says:

    awwww, I’ll miss having you so close by, even if we hardly ever saw each other. 🙂 We go down to Long Beach pretty often, so maybe we can get together and have lunch at SuperMex (remember that place? 🙂
    When will you be moving?

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