I’m not going to explain about the bunny

Happy New Year everyone! Are you recovering? What did you do?
A group of us went to my sister’s boyfriend’s cabin up in the mountains and went to a party at a local guy’s house. Everyone made pizzas and cooked them in his custom built oven that’s built into the wall and looks more like a fireplace than an oven.

I had a great time and can’t wait to go back. I got out my little camping espresso maker and made everybody shots of espresso when we first got there.

Side note: Meclizine works great. It’s a prescription anti motion-sickness pill, because the OTC ones don’t do it for me and I can’t be a passenger in the car without getting carsick. No side effects, except for extreme passiveness, and Brennan and I drove around all over the place when we first got there, while looking for the others. I would have been puking out the window. I want to write a song about Meclizine. Side side note, I don’t recommend having a passenger in the car with you who is on Meclizine. They are no help at all.

Here’s the cabin -I think you can see Ian and Melissa in the upstairs window. Also, the view from the cabin, Chad carving on the porch, his friend’s dog, and me wearing a bunny head while getting tools out of Chad’s truck:






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