My day yesterday can be summarized in the text messages in the outbox of my mobile phone:

07:01 a.m.  Happy New Year!  Did you see or hear Dick Clark?  He died a couple of years ago, but he still comes to life to host New Year’s Eve n then eat brains.

 7:26 a.m.:  This place is swarming with cooties, wear a SARS mask.

 10:11 a.m.  Sorry, I forgot what day it was. I have a Dr. Appointment at either 1 or 3, if it’s 1 then I’ll call u!  I lost my appt card n have to call them.

 12:33 p.m.:  Janae’s cat came home and she’s fine!  I was in the mtns n didn’t get ur mssg, no phone sig.

05:33 p.m.:  I am so filled with Christ’s love right now.  I just wanted to share.

05:38 p.m.:  Yeah.  I was just sitting in the Dr’s office n having that thought and it was making me giggle out loud.  I knew you’d be able to share that moment with me.  Thanks for the coffee n the fondue!

 05:50 p.m.:  Yes!! My hearing is perfect.  They want to do an MRI next week to look inside of my head. 

05:58 p.m.:  No, I’m serious about the cooties.  It’s like that movie 28 days in here. 



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