You can’t brig me dowd

I have been sick for four days now, the past three of which I’ve had to stay home from work.  The internet has been down the entire time, until just this afternoon when they found out there’s just a faulty wire coming from the something box to the house.  I was just starting to run out of movies and was on an Arrested Development marathon, when they showed up.  The DSL guys came and gave me my life back while I waited inside, blowing bubbles at a shaft of light for the cats to watch their eyes get big.   When you  have no internet and no cable TV,  entertainment sources  get slim.

I also didn’t lose my appetite at all while I was sick, and often found myself lazily sitting in front of the TV wishing the cat would do me a solid and make me some waffles.   I know he would if he could.

NOW I will get out there and get an apartment, unless I get a major cough, in which case I will be busy hanging out in bars, smoking and doing shots of whiskey so that I can sound like Stevie Nicks.


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