Fo Sho

I woke up grouchy, and it took over half the day for it to go away. Luckily it was one of those days where I got up at the crack of yesterday night, and worked early and was off work by 1:00. So the grumpies were combined with drowsiness, as I fought sleep for the first few hours, while seeing red competed with thoughts of burying myself into piles of pillows and slipping into a catnap. That’s what it’s like when I haven’t gotten enough rest. Sometimes it’s like that anyway. I got in the car and drove down along the ocean to Christyne’s house, blasting silly music the whole way there. Most people might not consider Notorious B.I.G. to be silly music, but I do, and I was yelling along about rolling blunts with my bitches in the back of the limo while my homies spun music for me. Biggie, why did you sing about beating people to def just for messing with you? Isn’t that what you got shot to def for?

I was in a good mood again by the time I got to my sunny beachy destination. I was expecting Christyne to have to bear the brunt of my mood, but instead we leisurely walked around her neighborhood under a surprisingly warm sun, yapping and househunting without a care in the world except for “Do you take cats?”.


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