Not what opposable thumbs are for.

This week, chronicled in outgoing texts:

Seriously, could it get any colder at work? It’s freakin warmer outside. I am wearing a full set of thermals, plus my coat.

Are you home today [Christyne]? I’m going to be doing a drive-by. I might not even stop, I might just scream obscenities as I pass your house.

The apartment that we saw yesterday is looking good. They take cats, too.

I can look at the place tomorrow, I just have to stop by the office and get the keys.

OMG I just put in an app. The place is so cute! The kitchen is all sunny, and it’s an end unit. Windows on 3 sides.

OMG I just realized I had a full cafe mocha and my ear didn’t even close after. You have no idea. I wonder if my [ear] is healing?

It seemed to coincide with being sick all last week. I was deadly congested, and my ear hasn’t bothered me since. That should have had the opposite effect.

Yes, I’m still going through with my MRI. Wednesday the 23rd.

So excited about the apartment, I hope I get it. I am already doing the interior design in my head.

I keep packing and packing, and yet I never run out of stuff to pack.


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