knocking on wood through 27 layers of paint.

I started out yesterday morning homeless. Meaning the apartment I applied for hadn’t called me back, and it was past the window where they said they’d call. Then I got an e-mail saying, oops, we need to tent the house you’re living in before it closes escrow next week, and we need you out by tomorrow morning. I could come back Sunday, but I mean, for three more days, all of which I’d spend cleaning poison off of surfaces? Then there was the matter of my pregnant sister in law’s car in the driveway, and I don’t want her car to be anywhere near the poison, so I’d also need to relocate the car, pack, and move myself and my cat in the 12 remaining hours left after I got off work. Things took an abrupt turn for the better when I called the Real Estate agent and she had no problem rescheduling the whole tenting thing for after my move-out date. She’d been told I had already moved out. THEN the people called with the apartment I applied to, and offered me the apartment. I had to keep from jumping up and down and yelling and squealing, because I REALLY WANTED THAT APARTMENT. It’s SO cute. It has a cute little kitchen with a lot of windows, and it’s a half block from Christyne, and it’s right by the beach. I was in love with that place as soon as I saw it. The carpet and flooring are all new, too. In the classic tradition of Long Beach apartments, it has so many layers of paint that some of the cabinet doors don’t even close, and if I cut through them they would probably look like a jawbreaker. But it’s still so cute.

So that day turned out a lot better. Today I have a lot of packing to do. I waited until after lunch to have coffee, so I would still be riding my coffee buzz when I got home to do all that packing. I treated myself to a nice Mocha Latte, with room at the top “because I always spill it on myself”. The guy marked the cup very clearly and actually drew a line around the cup 3/4″ from the top, saying that’s the only way to make sure the barista notices. She then completely ignored the note, and I watched her fill it to the tippy top and call out my order. Oh well, I don’t always spill it. And she looks so happy. So I’m walking out to the car, a post-it drifts out of my purse and onto the ground, and I go to pick it up and I trip over one of their umbrella holders that was in the blind spot created by my hand holding out the coffee. I did the dramatic, hair and arms everywhere fall to the ground with a defeated scream, but managed to save the coffee. It just sloshed all over my white hoodie because it was so full. My elbow was bloody, both of my knees got bruised, and I think I tweaked my neck and leg, which will add some nice layers to my upcoming move. This was not surprising to my co-workers, who just last month had seen me slip and fall to the ground in the only muddy spot near any of the entrances to our building.

I was off work an hour later, and driving home cautiously because I wasn’t sure now if I was having one of those days, so I should be careful and if nothing else bad happens for the rest of the day, I should just be glad (and nothing did). THEN, on the way home, I finally found a place that sells my favorite Peruvian soft drink, Inca Kola. I have been looking for that forever, and could only find it in Peruvian restaurants. I’ve been craving it lately, and whenever I have a can, if I don’t open it right away then I want to bury it in the back yard like a dog buries a bone. It’s amazing how happy one 6 pack of soda could make me, and I feel like I’m going to be peeking into my fridge to stare at it like it’s a six pack of Christmas presents under the tree. I cheerfully arrived at my house to begin my packing. I had to go back and forth to the car a whole bunch of times, in a light rain, unloading. Each time, the cat crept closer to the door, curiously eyeing the forbidden driveway of mystery, and I said, “Sedgewick, I love you, but so help me, I will kick you square in the nuts…” And he looked at me and said, “HA! I’m neutered!”. By the look on his face, however, I could see that it registered that he probably shouldn’t challenge this wild-haired, hyper person with blood and coffee all over her shirt and arms full of packing materials who’d HAD ENOUGH in her week, thank you.

I should be finished with my move in by Sunday evening.



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