Well I thought I was moving this weekend. It turns out that the receptionist at the property management company wrote me down for a Monday at 2:00 when they told me “tomorrow” over the phone, while I was talking to them on Friday. I found this out as I arrived today at two o’clock with two cars full of my belongings. I have no option other than to wait until Monday. There was nothing they could or would do to help me. On a weekend of torrential rain, today was sunny, and there was plenty of parking in front of my apartment because it’s a Saturday. On Monday evening, there will be no parking, and there’s a strong chance of rain. Also I won’t have the moving crew to help with loading and unloading of my ten thousand boxes. That’s a lot to ask of people, to deal with traffic coming and going, over and over, on a weeknight, in the rain. This would be a grand opportunity to make a bonfire of all of my stuff.

In the big picture this is nothing, but even repeating this to myself over and over could not stop me from having a meltdown when I arrived back at my house. An empty house, with a garage full of boxes. I don’t even have a pan to heat up my dinner in. And I’ll be here until MONDAY. Stupid. I’m glad I like camping so much.

Christyne had a much worse day than me, and we’re going to hang out at her house and commiserate.

My cute, locked up little apartment. I can see it from Christyne’s.


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