I still want to camp!!!

Every time I move into a new place, I have little flashes of memories of us moving into our family’s permanent home in 1977; the one my parents still live in.  Something will always trigger it, and it’s usually the way that you have to camp for a day or two in the new place before beginning to settle in.  I just like that even that house, the permanent, forever house, was still a place that we had to sit on the floor to have dinner in the first night, and there probably wasn’t a TV set up, or at least the lighting hadn’t been set up.  So mom came home from the grocery store the first night with some brightly colored things sticking out of the bag, and my eyes got a little bigger, and maybe I was getting a peak at the Christmas presents that we’d be opening in a few weeks.  Maybe not.  She had bought the game “Cooties” so we’d have something to entertain ourselves with during the camping phase of settling into our new home.   Something besides my then infant baby brother.  Infants can bring hours of entertainment, don’t get me wrong.  But we were kids.  We had only just added on the two bedrooms, our VW bug was parked at the other side of the driveway where it would stay until we sold it or gave it away, I don’t remember.  Our youngest would be born in the bedroom.  That year’s Christmas tree would be planted near the washing machine room, and would grow into a thriving pine tree that would shade both cars and a picnic table.  The original outhouse was outside, probably on its side already where it still lies.

So I get a warm and cozy feeling when I move into a new place and have to camp.  I let it go on a silly amount of time this time, having only needed to call the management and have the gas valves turned over and pilots lit.  But I have a space heater here, and my Coleman stove and electric hot plate are doing just fine.  They’re even kinda fun, and I happen to have a cache of propane cylinders.   The kitchen also turned out to be pretty spacious, and it’s not even crowded in there.   And if I need to drag Christyne over here to play games on the floor even though there’s plenty of other forms of entertainment, then I just might do that.

That’s what friends and family are for.


One thought on “I still want to camp!!!

  1. Mike says:

    I find the most amazing thing about camping is the simplification of ones environment. Living for a short period of time with only what you can carry on you back with no TV, cell phones, computers, cars, etc. Nothing is more beautiful or inspiring than the first glimmer of morning light in the desert as it shifts from black to that incredible purple and on through the reds. Also the fun of sitting in the dark with a cup of hot coco looking for shooting stars in a night sky that you just cannot see from inside any city.

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