Bringing out the dead

Everybody around me is sick. I don’t understand why I haven’t gotten it, considering how often I used to get sick. And everybody is not only sick, they’ve got this boomerang illness that goes away and just comes right back, worse than before. I think Christyne was flirting with the grim reaper this past week, and some of my co-workers as well. Oh yeah, and AJ. Everyone is dying. This is like that one stomach flu 3 years ago where everybody got sick at new years and Christmas. I don’t understand how I can get fully and repeatedly exposed, and not get it. I am by no means the model of health and immunity. I will have to learn how to keep myself company in this world full of half dead people. I should be doing some nursing, I guess, but I’m afraid of exposing myself to the plague. I stopped in on Christyne yesterday, it was going on 1:00, and she was in her bed on day 6 of dying. Poor kid. She needed to lose weight though, since she weighed a whopping 117 pounds a week ago and is only 5’10”. The good news is I can now carry her when we go places.

Anyway, so I’m getting to know Long Beach. There’s more than one nice part. There’s one more. It’s over by the Latin Museum of Art. I checked it out last week, and found an Albertson’s the size of a mall.

I never found it that easy to write when I’m happy. Historically, my journals fill up during my darker periods, and there is no writing being done at all when I’m happy. I guess I’m doing things that you just can’t write about, like going out and dancing. What do you say about that? We left the club sweating and walking funny, and I had no idea how much I’d enjoy remixed hip-hop, what with it having already been remixed. All this dancing, by the way, is without alcohol, and yet the next morning I feel very much hungover. I haven’t done any exercising in quite some time. I will go out and dance for hours, with friends that are well or are in between phase one and phase two of the plague, so I guess I’m getting a hell of a workout from that.

If you are planning on visiting my anytime soon, please be aware that I am in the eye of a cootie storm that I and only I am unaffected by. Don’t let the healthy exterior fool you. I am probably carrying more germs than a 17th century stowaway rat (yeah I wiki’d it). My apologies if you were at my house innocently having dinner on Friday night. Write your eulogy and practice your deathbed speeches. You’re goin down.



I’m not kidding about my beloved Christyne. She’s disappearing.


One thought on “Bringing out the dead

  1. Janae says:

    I loved dancing with you et al on Saturday. I still feel it in my hips, though. I think I’m getting old…

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