The Vincent Thomas Bridge

Another Long Beach discovery I made was that I can use the Vincent Thomas Bridge as part of my commute to work. I LOVE that bridge. I mean, I used to occasionally drive all the way up from South Orange county, at night, just to drive over that bridge. It’s so scenic, both to look at and to look from. It’s pretty tall, and I got scared the first time I drove over it, though I don’t know why now. It also seems to be free of traffic congestion no matter when I cross it, and apparently shortens my commute just a little bit. I pulled this pic off of the internet:


There’s a stunning view of the peninsula that is different every day. Sometimes it’s this great blue sky with clouds creeping over the mountain and little bursts of sunlight peaking through and making parts of the hills a glowing green, and other days it’s foggy and I’m up on the bridge in a thick mist, and I can’t see much past fifty feet and the bridge’s tall sides disappear into the clouds.

I can’t exactly pull over and take photographs, as much as I’m dying to, and I wouldn’t know where to take pictures from even if I had time to stop, but one Saturday as I was heading north to visit the South Bay, I held my camera out and just blindly snapped some shots, because hey, it’s a suspension bridge. How bad could the pics be? And as I edited out the pictures of only my dashboard and the sky, I thought, oh. Well at least I will have many, many opportunities to get it right.




One thought on “The Vincent Thomas Bridge

  1. izzy says:

    Try the Henry Ford Bridge. It’s an old draw bridge that you can park on the side of and take pics. It doesn’t have the view of the Vincent Thomas, but it is a cool old bridge. After going over the first bridge out of Long Beach, make a right at the Henry Ford sign. You can’t miss it.

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